Creative, personable and enthusiastic describe Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Betty Davis. She is a media professional who continues to build upon years of broadcast experience—both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Betty honed her skills as writer, host and meteorologist at local television stations and national networks. Nearly five years of on-camera work at The Weather Channel culminated in 2010 with Betty co-hosting Weekend View, the network’s highest rated program. While at The Weather Channel, she worked alongside internationally renowned weather experts, including Dr. Greg Forbes. Forbes was on the development team of the Enhanced Fujita Scale—a scale that rates tornadoes. From tornado outbreaks to land-falling hurricanes, Betty has extensive experience covering major weather events.


In addition, Betty has a strong commitment to community service. She diligently worked on fundraising projects as Ambassador for Atlanta’s East Lake YMCA. Whether offering words of encouragement to teens or addressing members of the Air Quality Alliance of the Chattahoochee Valley, Betty uses her role as meteorologist and television personality to help enhance the lives of others.


Betty is a native of Preston, Georgia and has lived in several southeastern cities, including Atlanta, the location of her alma mater, Spelman College.

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